My focus is on healing your mind through personal creative challenges. Take the next step to enrich your life.

Individual music lessons

I offer lessons in voice, music composition, and music theory. Lessons are $50 and hour with the option of 30 minute sessions for kids at $30 a session. Group sessions are available at the additional cost of $10 a person per hour long session. I also also assist with setting up digital audio workstations, including audacity, reaper, logic, ableton suite, protools. Lessons are given at my home studio in Bend, Oregon, or online through Zoom or Skype.

Personal guided meditations

Individually tailored relaxation practices. Initial sessions include biofeedback, in depth personality consultation, and recalling personal history. I guide you through soundscapes.

“Kelly’s singing lessons are a playful exploration into the instrument that exists within all of us. She shares simple exercises that allow you to feel where the sounds are coming from, how they relate to breathe and how you can strengthen and tune the muscles to sound better, gain more control and improve your whole body’s harmony at the same time. Her deep understanding of the anatomy of the voice and how the entire body effects it allows her to be a guide who not only helps you sing and speak with more beauty. Your health, confidence and appreciation for life will improve as well.”

— Evan Paul, current voice student

“Kelly is a very creative, intuitive teacher. She will find the right ways to support and challenge you! Her lessons are super fun.”

— Brooke MP, voice student