sound and healing

As a music performer, I often find myself questioning the limitations of performance. I am unsure about the amount of positive impact I can have on others through the typical performer-audience dynamic. Is there a way to cultivate greater benefits for everyone through new types of interactive, healing sound experiences? The potential definition of a new concept, healthwave, comes into being from asking this question.

In its initial phase, this site functions as a space to explore connections between sound, creativity, and health. Healthwave grows organically first as an intention and a resource.

The goal of health wave is to facilitate, enable, and support creativity in all forms, but focuses on creative uses of sound and alternative therapeutic modalities. More specifically, those healing practices that focus on mind, and the mind-body connection.

Use this site to find the goods and services of creative healers. Try out various sound meditations here. Learn more about the benefits of creative practice as well as how to start up your own creative practice.


My first focus on this site is keeping calm in stressful times. With the worldwide Covid-19 outbreak comes constant shifting of what we understand to be true about the world around us. It is hard to feel any sense of control over our lives. The stress we are all suffering feels overwhelming, indefinite. To help you relax, I’m starting this site with various types of free guided meditations and soundscapes. I will also be posting links to other sites that focus on guided imagery and sonic forms of relaxation.

About the site creator

Kelly Keliher-Martin is a visual and sound artist specializing in singing and vocal expression, guided meditations, soundscapes, pop music composition, and watercolor painting. She teaches singing, music theory and composition in Bend, Oregon, and performs in the experimental pop group Black Currant