Black Currant is a newly formed group of like minded musicians interested in offering a non-traditional approach to music education. We look to fill in the gaps that are left with standard music teaching approaches, and believe in the wisdom of real life experience.

We specialize in the smooth integration of more traditional instruments with digital instruments, and so teach Digital Audio workflow, beat making, home recording, performance with electronic hardware and software. A songwriting element is often part of these lessons, and we shape our lessons around the development of your own unique sound. If you want to create new music, or have already started writing original music, we can help you take the next step in the process! We create the curriculum based on your specific needs and personal goals.

We also offer lessons in voice, guitar, and keyboard. Lesson with these instruments includes time on technique, but we also focus on personal expression, encouraging outside-the-box thinking.

As we are building up a proper website, the best way to contact us is to email collective leader Kelly Martin:

Black Currant offers lessons in voice, keyboard, guitar, songwriting, digital audio workflow, and diy recording. We are looking for more inspired musicians to join the team!